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    ATX ECDX Series Customized Welded Steel Enclosures

    Brand: ATX


    • Zone 1 and 2 – 21 and 22
    •  ex  II 2 GD
    • ATEX / IEC
    • IP66 – IK10

    These customized welded steel enclosures are fabricated, machined and drilled at the factory to suit your needs. A wide range of sizes and options are available, and they are particularly suitable for use in the classified hazardous locations commonly found in the oil and gas industry.

    ApplicationsFeaturesCatalog Numbers
    • Designed for use in Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 in the oil and gas industry, including petroleum, chemical, refineries and other industrial process facilities.
    • Enclosures can be customized to house terminal blocks and a large range of components, including control units, breakers, starters, relays, meters, etc..
    • Gray painted mechanically welded steel enclosure, stainless steel hardware.
    • Enclosures are available in a wide range of sizes.
    • Precision machined flameproof joint between body and cover.
    • Hinged door.
    • External fixing lugs.
    • Internal mounting pan.
    • Square and round windows available in a wide range of sizes.
    • Machining and drilling must be done at our factory.
    • Power dissipated calculation including cables must be completed according to each size of certified enclosure.
    ECDXB 302718
    ECDXB 105529
    ECDXB 105529S
    ECDXB 106329
    ECDXB 106329S
    ECDXB 107029
    ECDXB 107029S
    ECDXB 125529
    ECDXB 125529S
    ECDXB 126329
    ECDXB 126329S
    ECDXB 127029
    ECDXB 127029S
    ECDXB 145529
    ECDXB 145529S
    ECDXB 146329
    ECDXB 146329S
    ECDXB 302718S
    ECDXB 412628
    ECDXB 412628S
    ECDXB 413828
    ECDXB 413828S
    ECDXB 633734
    ECDXB 633734S
    ECDXB 635734
    ECDXB 635734S
    ECDXB 705029
    ECDXB 705029S
    ECDXB 706029
    ECDXB 706029S
    ECDXB 707029
    ECDXB 707029S
    ECDXB 805029
    ECDXB 805029S
    ECDXB 806029
    ECDXB 806029S
    ECDXB 807029
    ECDXB 807029S
    ECDXB 905029
    ECDXB 905029S
    ECDXB 906029
    ECDXB 906029S