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    As a company that provides lighting needs, we offer many kinds of lights are appropriate for use in such applications in hazardous areas or common areas.


    • Filters
    stahl pendant light fittings series 6050
    Category: Lighting
    Brand: Stahl
    • Saltwater-resistant enclosure, aluminium alloy, optionally with painting
    • Maintenance-free operation and long service life with induction lamp or LED
    • Mounting with ring bolts or tiltable mounting bracket
    • With connection box for easy installation
    • IP68 (10 m depth of immersion for 30 min) at size 1
    stahl floodlight series 6121
    Category: Lighting
    Brand: Stahl
    • Lamp options
    1. halogen lamps (QT) up to 1000 W
    2. halogen metal halide lamps (HIT) up to 400 W
    3. sodium vapour high pressure lamps (HST) up to 600 W