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    Champ® VMV High Wattage Series HID Luminaires

    Category: Lighting
    Brand: Crouse Hinds

    Champ® VMV High Wattage Luminaires are used:

    • For medium and high mounting heights
    • In applications where energy-efficient, high lumen output is required
    • In areas in which ignitable concentrations of flammable gases or vapors will be present only due to abnormal, unusual, or accidental conditions
    • In installations where moisture, dirt, dust, vibration, corrosion and rough usage are problems
    Product DetailsFeaturesCertifications
    • Mounting Styles: Pendant Mount (Rigid or Flexible); Ceiling Mount Thru Feed; Wall Mount Thru Feed; Quad-Mount; Stanchion Mount 25° Angle; Stanchion Mount Straight
    • Hub Sizes: 3/4"; 1"; 1 1/2"
    • Lamp Wattages: 200; 250; 320; 400
    • Voltages: 120-600 Volts; Multi-tap
    • Housing Material: Copper-free aluminum (less than 0.4 of 1%)
    • Reflector & Reflector Lens Materials: Krydon® fiberglass-reinforced polyester (Reflector); Spun Alzak aluminum, tempered glass, stainless steel door frame (Reflector Lens)
    • Globe Material: Heat- and impact-resistant internally fluted glass
    • Refractor Material: Glass
    • Cast copper-free aluminum construction (less than 0.4 of 1% copper) and epoxy powder finish provide excellent resistance to corrosion
    • Six mounting arrangements to suit any lighting layout – pendant, ceiling, wall bracket, angle stanchion, straight stanchion and quad-mount
    • Wide range of light sources and wattages to meet specifiers' needs: 200, 250, 400 watt high pressure sodium (HPS); 250 and 400 watt metal halide (MH) and pulse start metal halide
    • Hinged ballast housing for ease of installation and maintenance
    • Wide choice of photometric distributions; glass globes, glass refractors, and reflector/lens are available
    • All luminaires designed to perform in a 40°C ambient temperature; selected luminaires are suitable for ambient temperatures up to 65°C
    • Superior gasketing seals between the mounting module, housing, and optical assembly for optimum performance in wet and corrosive environments
    • Hubs with integral conduit stop and bushing to help prevent damage to field wiring during installation
    • Low ambient capability to (-40°C)
    • Dome and 30° angle reflectors made of bright white Krydon® material and etched Alzak® high bay reflectors provide superior reflectivity
    • Grounding wire for safety
    • High power factor ballasts (Min. P. F. 90%) are available in a variety of voltages to meet local area requirements
    • Mogul base lamp socket
    • Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D
    • With Glass Refractor - Class II, Class III & Simultaneous Presence
    • (Class I, Division 2 and Class II)
    • Class I, Zone 2
    • Zone 2 Ex nR IIC
    UL Standards:
    • 844 Hazardous (Classified) Locations
    • 1598 Luminaires
    • 1598A Marine Locations
    CSA Standard:
    • C22.2 No. 137
    IEC Standard:
    • 60079-15