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    Champ® FMV nR Series HID Floodlights

    Category: Lighting
    Brand: Crouse Hinds

    The only full frame trunnion mount floodlight with a T3 rating and a removable ballast tray assembly.

    The Champ® FMV nR Floodlight is made with die cast aluminum components and stainless steel hardware. It offers superior corrosion resistance to ensure longer life, which makes the FMV floodlight the ideal choice for a wide variety of industrial applications, including wet and marine environments.

    Product DetailsFeaturesCertifications
    • Wattages: HPS - 150, 250, 400W; MH - 175, 250, 400W
    • Hub Sizes: 3/4" NPT (standard); 25mm (M25 x 1.5) or 20mm (M20 x 1.5) optional
    • Housing Material: Die cast aluminum
    • Lens Material: Heat- and impact-resistant tempered glass
    • Yoke Material: Aluminum
    • External Hardware Material: Stainless steel
    • Instant Restrike and Ballast-Gard™: Optional
    • Available Accessories: Slipfitter adapter; wall bracket
    • AEx nR, Ex nR restricted breathing rating is standard; restricted breathing offers cooler T-numbers for increased hazardous locations suitability
    • NEMA 7x6 butterfly beam floodlight pattern—wide, uniform and far reaching to provide excellent efficiency and more light where you need it
    • NEMA Type 4X and IP66 construction is designed for use indoors and outdoors in marine and wet locations—with stainless steel external hardware suitable for saltwater and corrosive applications
    • Easy wiring—standard terminal block with marked terminals saves time and eliminates wiring errors
    • Vapor-tight sealing cable connector—standard
    • Will accommodate existing mounting hardware—SFA6 slipfitter for pole and SWB6 wall mount
    • Optional metric machining will accept M20 or M25 (must be specified on order)
    • 40°C, 55°C and 65°C ambient suitability—addresses high ambients common at industrial facilities
    • Low ambient capability to -40°C—perfect for colder climates
    • Heavy duty, die cast copper-free aluminum enclosure with epoxy coating and stainless steel hardware—provides a robust design with industrial grade construction and corrosion resistance
    • Hinged door frame assembly—has captive cover screws for ease of relamping
    • Yoke mount design—standard construction provides the greatest mounting flexibility
    • 3-axis resonance withstand and UL844 vibration compliant—can stand up to the tough jobs
    • Precision formed aluminum reflector—superior beam control, distribution and efficiency
    • High light output with a low cost of operation—cost-effectiveness in a high wattage floodlight
    NEC/CEC (NEC Ballast Gear and Socket):
    • Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D
    • Class I, Zone 2, AEx nR II
    • Class II, Division 1, Groups F, G (up to 250W)
    • Marine locations
    • NEMA Type 4X and IP66
    • Wet locations

    IEC (IEC Ballast Gear and Socket):
    • IEC Zone 2, Ex nR II

    UL/cUL Standards:
    • 844—Hazardous (Divisions Classified) Locations
    • 60079-15
    • 1598—Luminaires
    • 1598A—Supplemental Requirements for Luminaires for Installation on Marine Vessels

    IEC Standard:
    • 60079-15