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    Champ® Voyager nR™ Stainless Steel HID Floodlights

    Category: Lighting
    Brand: Crouse Hinds

    The only mogul base Class I, Division 2/Zone 2 stainless steel floodlight with restricted breathing as standard construction.

    The Champ® Voyager nR™ Stainless Steel Floodlight offers the industry’s coolest temperature ratings so it can operate below the ignition temperature of vapors and gases in a classified area. This floodlight is ideal for marine, corrosive, and high temperature locations.

    Product DetailsFeaturesCertifications
    • Wattages: High Pressure Sodium (HPS) - 150, 250, 400W; Metal Halide (MH) - 175, 250, 400W
    • Hub Size: 3/4" NPT with a 3/4" gland sealing connector
    • Housing Material: 316 stainless steel
    • Lens Material: Heat- and impact-resistant tempered glass
    • Gasket Material: Silicone rubber
    • Yoke and Yoke Bracket Material: 316 stainless steel
    • Reflector Material: Formed specular (dimpled glossy surface) aluminum
    • Cable Gland Cord Grip and Locknut Material: Polyamide 6, neoprene bushing
    • Small, compact size—easy to install and maintain
    • 40°C, 55°C, and 65°C ambient suitability—addresses high ambients common in industrial facilities
    • Low ambient capability to -40°C—perfect for colder climates
    • Heavy duty, copper-free aluminum enclosure with epoxy coating and stainless steel hardware—provides a robust design with industrial grade construction and corrosion resistance
    • Continuous silicone gasketing—ensures wet and marine locations integrity
    • Stainless steel tether chain and captive cover screws—secure cover to housing ensures ease of maintenance
    • Trunnion (yoke) mount design—standard construction provides the greatest mounting flexibility
    • Requires only two bolts to mount—simplifies installation
    • Heat- and impact-resistant tempered glass lens—provides exceptional stability
    • Shock-absorbing mogul base lamp socket—cushions lamp, improves lamp life in harsh environments
    • 3-axis resonance withstand and UL844 vibration compliant—stands up to the tough jobs
    • Precision formed aluminum reflector—superior beam control, distribution and efficiency
    • NEMA 7x6 floodlight pattern with lamp orientation base down—the ideal light distribution for industrial applications
    • High light output with a low cost of operation—a cost-effective, high wattage floodlight
    • Restricted breathing compliance—cooler T-numbers for increased hazardous locations suitability
    • Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D
    • Marine locations
    • NEMA Type 4X
    • Wet locations
    • Class I, Zone 2, Group IIC
    • With suffix—S826 and S826TB—restricted breathing (Ex nR) option
    • Class I, Zone 2
    • Class I, Division 2
    UL Standards:
    • 844—Hazardous (Divisions Classified) Locations
    • 2279—Hazardous (Zones Classified) Locations
    • 1572—Ordinary and Wet Locations, Marine Outside Type
    CSA Standards:
    • C22.2 No. 137
    • CAN/CSA-E79 Series
    IEC Standard:
    • 60079-15